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"OMAKASE" is a word when you ask

for a special dish that comes up with the

feelings of the customer and

the master in a sushi restaurant.

At Bar LIBRE you choose a

“flavor color” and alcohol content,

and from that information

we make a drink just for you using a pottery.

The significant point is always the “flavor color”.

It’s not for specifying the color of the drink,

but to let you imagine the scent with its color.

When you sip from them,

you will encounter a totally different cocktail world.

In this experience, you can enjoy a sense of realism,

and enjoy the "OMAKASE" style in a more unique and stylish way.


Please tell us the color and alcohol content you need

from the table below.

Please let us know in advance

if you have any allergies.





- 0% -

- about 8% -

- about 15% -

- about 22% -

- about 30% -

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