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Bar Food

It's a food menu.

It is a food menu.

Please select from our food menu and

give your order to our bartender

who will prepare it for you.

Please tell us what you like.

Bar Snacks

・ Dried fruit 900-

 Dried fruit


・ Mixed nuts 700-

 Mixed nuts


・ Butter popcorn 600-
Butter popcorn

・ Truffle popcorn 800-  

 Truffle popcorn

Bar Food 

Horse sashimi from Kumamoto 1700-

 Assorted horse sashimi from Kumamoto prefecture


・ Assorted cheese 1500-

 Assorted fresh cheese


・ Bar LIBRE's

spicy curry & rice 1400-

 Bar curry with spices

・ Assortment of sausages 1200-

 Assorted sausages

・ Smoked assortment 1200-

 Smoked assortment


Assortment of Parma ham

 and salami 1200-

 Assorted prosciutto and salami

・ Assortment of olives 900-

 Assorted olives

・ Octopus carpaccio 900-

 Octopus carpaccio


・ Pickled vegetables 800-


Bar Sweets 

Hand-scooped chocolate

 ganache infused with Talisker 900-

 Talisker scented raw chocolate

・ Rum & raisin butter 900-

 Rum raisin butter

Assortment of seasonal fruits 1600-

 Assorted seasonal fruits

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